A one-of-a-kind EHR/Practice Management solution for one state: New York.

imaServe is the newest, most advanced web-based EHR in the behavioral health industry. It uses the latest technology to deliver a noticeably superior interface – one that’s easy to read, easy to use, and helps providers complete documentation dramatically faster than older systems.

imaServe incorporates the latest version of our EHR/Practice Management software for behavioral health providers in New York State plus a brand new web-based EHR subsystem.

The EHR component includes options for either a Windows-based or web-based solution. Either way, imaServe provides a single interface to the clinical, financial, and administrative functions associated with providing behavioral health services.

The right EHR/Practice Management software can be of enormous benefit to a behavioral health agency from both a financial perspective and a quality-of-care perspective. The wrong one can be a costly burden and mistake.

imaServe was specifically designed to meet all the many, often complicated and demanding, requirements of NY State. What’s more, it’s comprehensive, highly reliable, easy to install and use, and meets all federal and state requirements.

If you are an existing IMA client, you’ll find imaServe to be a remarkable evolution of the tried and true system you’ve been relying on for years. If you’re a potential new client, you’ll find it to be a highly advanced EHR/Practice Management solution that can help your agency in many ways.