IMA is not some large national company attempting to make inroads into NY State. We’re a smaller, flexible company that has always focused on providing behavioral health software to agencies in the state and, for years, have devoted all our attention and resources to it.

As a result, while out-of-state competitors have to reconfigure or retrofit their EMR systems or their EHRs to meet the state’s demanding, changing, and complicated requirements, our integrated EHR has been designed specifically to serve New York State. In other words, the requirements for NY State have been “baked in” to our behavioral health software.

What’s more, unlike most out-of-state vendors, IMA is uniquely able to keep up with all the changes coming your way in NY. We have one focus and will not miss a beat, which means neither will our clients. For more than 30 years, we’ve been following and carefully studying all critical industry topics that are of both state and national significance. We make sure our clients are fully aware of the issues and that our system is updated so they can easily and effectively deal with them.

No wonder, when it comes to mental health systems, electronic records and billing services, clinic software and electronic charts, more and more NY agencies are coming to IMA for imaServe.